First of all I'd like to say that I thought I was full blooded Italian, but after having my dna test I am only 79% Italian. I was surprised to find out that I am part European Jewish and part Middle Eastern and part some country in the continent of Africa. WOW! I am very proud of all parts of me.
I was born in San Francisco, California and Saint Francis is my favorite saint although I am no longer Catholic. I still love what he stood for. I love all animals.
I was named after a opera singer in SF and my dad sang opera every day of his life. I miss him so very much.
With that being said, I'd like to thank you for stopping by. Take off your shoes, grab a drink and stay awhile.


I've created this site to express my thoughts and feelings.
Here I will try to give a give examples of the things I love most.
Hopefully I might give some insight to others.

I am a big animal lover. Meaning that I am in favor of the PETA SITE as it gives much information if one wants to fight for animal rights or eat less meat
or go vegetarian. Something that I have finally done. I feel really good when I look in an animals eyes and know that they are safe at least from my kitchen pots. I do have many pets or more like my kids. I love them all and do my best to give them the love and protection they deserve.

I love music, almost all of it. I'm especially fond of Classic Rock, Jazz and Classical. I was raised listening to opera as my father was from Italy and a great singer. I loved to hear him sing. Now that he is gone I truly miss it.
The station I listen to most of the time is KFOX. You can listen too as it is available on line.

I love JOSH GROBAN. His voice inspires me and fills me with all kinds of good feelings. If ever I find myself slipping into a negative state of mind I just put Josh on and all is well again.

I lived in Ireland for a while with my beautiful daughter and I totally enjoyed it. I met some wonderful people and had many great experiences. That is where I got my name Myraluv. My favorite irish actor is RICHARD HARRIS. I have created a page devoted to himself although I don't think it does him justice but I did the best I could do.

And last but for sure not least. My San Francisco Giants. I live for baseball season to start. I love this team and their spirit.


Still working on this site. More to come in the future. I have a lot on my plate at this time, but soon. Working on a web store called.....

Enchanted Spirit
Find Your Enchanted Spirit

It is mostly metaphysical products with some pagan items. It really came out lovely. Hope you will visit.

Here are a few songs that I love and if you like you can purchase them on Amazon or iTunes. So enjoy listening to them. Press the little play button on the left side to stop or start.
Music and all my links to other sites won't work if you're using an IOS system.
Windows works though.





A Woman

Whatever You Give A Woman, She Will Make It Greater

Give her a house and she'll give you a home
Give her food and she'll make you a meal
Give he a warm smile and she'll give you her heart

Woman multiplies and enlarge what is given to her

So don't give her any crap because she'll give you

A Ton Of Shit!

Unknown Author

Let's talk The Beatles! I loved them in the beginning and I love them now. I have made a page for each of them. They're not perfect but that doesn't make them any less great to me. Again, this site is all about my heart.


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